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Creating a competitive advantage through a modernized service model.

Insurance claims management company

An insurance claims management company partnered with CMPSE to build a proprietary technology solution to modernize their service model and create a more efficient claims management process.
What we did:
Discovery Mobile Solutions Product Development Product Management Product Strategy UX/UI Design Web Solutions
Industry: Insurance

At a glance:

CMPSE partnered with an insurance claims management company to design, develop and manage an innovative technology solution that allowed the company to offer a modernized service model, but also created a more efficient way of processing policyholder claims.

The challenge:

Building a technically sophisticated but easy to use product.

The company brought CMPSE on board to be the product and development partner, and to design, develop and manage the company’s new technology solution. The solution required a complex architecture that was based on Salesforce and AWS, as well as an AI-powered OCR (optical character recognition) feature.

The solution:

An enterprise-level application.

    • Product Strategy
      • Created a product strategy that aligned with the business strategy.
    • Design, Build and Deploy
      • Conducted design sprints and developed UX/UI design framework.
      • Architected a SOC2 compliant solution.
      • Designed an application infrastructure for web and native mobile platforms that can support the company’s internal business operations, while providing insurance adjusters and policyholders with an exceptional experience.

The results:

A modern solution.

The company now has a digital product suite that it can rely on and use as a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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