Who we are

We are advisors, strategists, and engineers.

Our mission

Com-pose was born to solve complex problems for small and midsize businesses, uncover hidden opportunities, and empower them with modern technology solutions.

Trusted by many top companies

What drives us.


We don't ask for trust, we earn it.

We drive transformational change for our clients business. We pride ourselves on that responsibility and it’s our primary concern to deliver nothing less than success. Trust is needed throughout our partnerships and we work towards earning it from day 1.

We empower leadership on every level.

We empower each role in our team to lead. Leadership means taking full ownership of responsibilities, communicating proactively and inspiring others.

We are passionate about our work.

We believe that passion is the X factor in success. It makes our work that much more fulfilling and helps us achieve the extraordinary every step of the way.

We win as a team.

We embody team spirit from the top down. Every one of our founding Partners has either served in the military or played team sports at a high level. In order for the team to be successful, every member within it needs to succeed. Wins are achieved and celebrated as a team.

We move fast.

We handle large and complex projects with team structures that are rather small and agile. It allows us to stay nimble and move at startup speed. It also increases the efficiency of resource allocation.

We communicate with candor.

We don’t beat around the bush and get straight to the point. We believe that transparent communication has been a key attribute to our success and we empower our clients to communicate in such way.

We deliver quality and value.

We believe that yesterday isn’t good enough for tomorrow and we continuously strive for growth. We are always looking for ways to improve our performance and every member within our organization is empowered to voice suggestions.

We keep an open mind.

We ensure that our ego does not distract from our work. Every idea is taken into consideration and gets evaluated. Our open mindedness to new ways of thinking and doing is what drives innovation.
Our team

A globally distributed collection of specialized agile pods.

Depending upon the project, each pod is capable of operating either individually or as part of a larger, collaborative team, where cross-functional capabilities or scale are required.
Our team